”Remote Sensing & GIS” basic Acronyms/Full form

”Remote Sensing & GIS” basic Acronyms/Full form—>>
ASLV- Augmented Satellite Lanunch Vehicle,
BITS- Boot Integrity Token System,
BSS- Broadcast Satellite Service,
CD- Compact Disk,
DN- Digital Number,
DOD- Department of Defence(US),
DOMSAT- Domestic Communications Satellite System,
DWS- Disaster Warning System,
EMC- Eastern Mapping Center(USGS),
EMC- ElectromagneticCompatibility,
EMI- ElectromagneticInterference,
EROS- Earth Resource Observation System,
FCC- False Clour Composite,
FM- Frequency Modulation,
FOV- Field of view,
GIS- Geographic Information System,
GOES- Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite,
GPS- Global Positioning System,
IFOV- Instantaneous Field of View,
IGS- International Ground Station,
IIT- Indian Institute of Technology,
INSAT- Indian National Satellite,
IRIS- Integrated Radar Imaging System,
IRS- Indian Remote Sensing Satellite,
ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation,
NASA- National Aeronautics Space Administration,
NOAA- National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,
NIC- Network Interface Card,
NRSA- National Remote Sensing Agency (India),
NRSC- National Remote Sensing Centre (U.K.),
PIXEL- Picture Element,
RADAR- Radio Detecting and Ranging,
RGB- Red Green Blue,
PSLV- Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle,
SPOT- Scientific Programmer’s Object Toolkit,
TCC- Test Control Center (Space Satellite),
TCC- Thermal Control Coating,
TM- Thematic Mapper (Landsat),
UV- Ultra Violet,
WWW- World Wide Web…
Created by Sourav Sarkar…


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