Some Basic Facts About India

1. Smallest state (Area) = Goa
2. Smallest state (population) = Sikkim
3. Most literate union Territory = Lakshadweep
4. Smallest Union Territory = Lakshadweep
5. Biggest hotel = Oberoi Sheraton (Mumbai)
6. Highest award (civilian) = Bharat Ratna
7. Highest Gallantry award = Paramvir chakra
8. Most literate state =kerala (In September 2013, the State Government of Tripura claimed that the state has surpassed Kerala as the most literate state in India, with a literacy rate of 94.65%. By thebye, Literacy rate of Kerala is 93.91%.)
9. Fastest Train = Shatabdi express
10. Least populated union Territory = Lakshadweep
11. Most populated city = Mumbai
12. Busiest bridge = Howrah (Calcutta)
13. Oldest Refinery = Digboi (Assam)….


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