*Marks- 6/10
1. Discuss the plate tectonic theory?
2. Describe evolution of landforms of the plate margin with the helf of plate tectonic theory?
3. Explain the mountain building process in the light of the plate tectonic theory.
4. Compare/relation between continental drift and plate tectonic theory?
5. Describe volcanocity and oroganic movement with the relation plate tectonic theory?
6. Distinguish between epeirogenic and orogenic movement? (or brifly discuss)
7. Classify fold.
8. What is Tidal Hypothesis of Jeans and Jeffrey?
9. Nebular Hypothesis.
10. Planetesimal Hypothesis.
11. Modern theories of origin of the earth.
Marks- 6/10.
1. Give an account of W. Penck’s view of landform development.
2. Evolution of topography in regions of uniclinal structure / folded structure.
3. How does lithology influence the landforms.
4. Shortly discuss the formation of waterfall?
5. Causes for the origin of river terraces and classify it.
6. Discuss the erosinal landforms of glacier.
7. Describe the landforms produced by marine erosion / deposition.
8. Analyse the landforms developed due to wind erosion.
9. Distinguish between Davis and Penck theory?
10. Explain the resultant landform by chemical weathering in humid tropic region.
11. What is inversion of relief? Discuss about the process of it.
12. Analyse the landforms associated with floodplains.
13. Elucidate the development of landforms due to karst processes with suitable illustrations.
14. Explain types of chemical weathering.
15. Describe the different process of mechanical weathering.
16. Distinguish between mechanical and chemical weathering with suitable examples.
17. Describe the formation of fluvial scrap.
18. Illustrate the formation of marine terraces.
19. Describe the formation of cirque and glacial step.
20. Illustrate the formation of resequent faultline scrap and obsequent faultline scrap.
21. Describe the features resulting from mountain glaciation.
22. How is a composite fault scarp formed?
23. Explain the formation of cyclopean stairs and truncated spurs.
24. Differentiate between oxidation and carbonation.
25. Describe formation of yardang and zeugen.
26. Point out the conditions that favour formation of a river delta.
27. Discuss the landforms developed through depositional action of wind in the arid regions.
28. Explain the formation of uvalas and poljes.
29. How do pediments and bajadas originate?
30. Describe the erosional features produced by valley glaciers.


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