Marks- 6/10
*1. Explain the different types of soil formation process.
*2. Explain the process for the formation of Podzol Soil and profile characteristicsof it.
*3. Compare between zonal, azonal and intrazonal soil.
4. Concept of soil taxonomy.
5. Discuss in detail the physical properties of soils.
6. Highlight the characteristicsof zonal soil.
*7. Discuss the different types of soil erosion.
8. Elaborate on the determination of soil textural classes.
9. Asses the importance of soil pH in soil, soil moisture and organic matter.
10. Discuss the process of laterization of laterite soil.
11. Under what environmental conditions laterites are formed?
12. Why chernozem soil very fertile?
13. Given an account of the composition of soil.
14. Mention the structural classification of soil.
15. Name three zonal/intrazonal soils and state their principal characteristics.
***Mission Geography***


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