Marks- 6/10
1. Examine the nature of biosphere.
2. Examine the mechanisms and importance of Nitrogen Cycle in ecosystem.
3. Write characteristicsof tropical rainforest biome and its ecological importance.
4. Distinguish between tropical rainforest and tropical grassland biome.
5. Describe the tropical desert biome.
6. Briefly elaborate the Bio – Geochemical Cycles with their diagram.
7. Explain the differents types of food chain and its significance in ecosystem.
8. Explain the role of bacteria in Nitrogen Cycle.
9. Distinguish between carbon cycle and nitrogen cycle.
10. Distinguish between food chain and food web.
11. Explain the concept of ecosystem (characteristics, classification,importance etc).
12. Give an account ecotone. What is edge effect?
13. What is ecotone and ecoline? What are the importance of it?
14. What is trophic structure? Describe it.
15. Explain food chain/trophic structure taking examples from tropical rainforest/tropical grassland biome.
16. Briefly discuss the major location, climate, animal and plant comunity characteristics of Tropical Grasslands Biome.
17. What do you know about the concept of comunity in biogeography?
18. Discuss the characteristics and different stages of energy flow in ecosystem? Or Discuss mechanism of energy flow.
***Mission Geography***
*Suggested by Sourav Sarkar.
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