Climatology Suggestion 2017

@Climatology Suggestion 2017@
1. Critically discuss the Thornthwaite’s classification of world climate.
2. Illustrate the origin and life cycle of temperate/extratropical/mid latitude cyclones.
3. Give an account of the Collision Coalescence Theory.
4. Narrate the major forms of precipitation.
5. Discuss the Horizontal Distribution of temperature.
6. Make a brief comparison between the origin and characteristicsof tropical and temperate cyclones .
7. Describe the Heat Budget of the atmosphere.
8. Describe the thermal structure of the atmosphere (layering of the atmosphere).
9. Explain the relationship between pressure belts and planetary wind.
10. Describe the Index Cycle of Jet Stream. And explain how the westerly Jet Stream influence the Indian Monsoon.
11. Describe the nature and composition of atmosphere.
12. Mention the impact of Jet Streams on World Climate.
13. Discuss the Vertical distribution of temperature.
14. Distinguish between Koppen’s and Thornthwaite’s classification of world climate.
15. Classification of air mass. Discuss it.
16. Elaborate the salient features of Indian Monsoon.
17. Discuss the modifications of air masses..
18. What is Walkar Circulation ? Explain the impact of Walkar Circulation.
19. Critically discuss different theories on the origin of the Indian Monsoon.
20. Explain the causes of Low level temperature inversion. Describe different types of inversion of temperature.

—-Suggested by Sourav Sarkar (Director).
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