Oceanography Suggestion 2017

@Oceanography Suggestion 2017@
1. Importance of Oceanography in Geography.
2. What is T-S Diagram ? Discuss it.
3. Critically examine the theories of origin of coral reefs.
4. Examine the factors controlling salinity of sea water.
5. Discuss the vertical distribution of temperature in ocean water.
6. Give an account of the current of Pacific/Atlantic/Indian Ocean.
7. Write a short note about bottom topography of Indian Ocean.
8. Explain the relationship between salinity and temperature of ocean.
9. What is coral reefs ? Discuss different types of coral reefs.
10. Discuss major environmental condition for formation of coral reefs.
11. Discuss the bottom topography of Atlantic Ocean in the light of plate tectonics.

—Suggested by Sourav Sarkar (Director).
*Mobile/WhatsApp- 9735337699.

©Mission Geography India.


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