*Topic- Geotectonic

1. What percent of the total land area is in the northern hemisphere ?
A. 70%
B. 80%
C. 75%
D. 65%

2. Who postulated the Drift hypothesis ?
A. F.B. Taylor
B. Wegner
C. Gregory
D. Antonio Slider

3. Which of the following was not the part of lauratia (North Pangea)-
A. Eruope
B. Africa
C. Asia
D. North America

4. Which was the part of Angara land ?
A. North America
B. Africa
C. South America
D. Antarctica

5. The recent Ice Age in the earth took place during-
A. Miocene period
B. Pleistocene period
C. Silurian period
D. Pliocene period.

6. Sial is floating over-
A. Sima
B. Mental
C. Core
D. Nife

7. Mantle is made of-
A. Gaseous materials
B. Liquid materials
C. Solid materials
D. None of these

8. Which ocean is spreading due to plate tectonic movement ?
A. Pacific ocean
B. Atlantic ocean
C. Indian ocean
D. Arctic ocean.

9. The formation of Himalayan mountain took place during the-
A. Pre-cambrian orogeny
B. Caledonian orogeny
C. Hercynian orogeny
D. Tertiary orogeny.

10. The new folded mountain system is known as-
A. Alpine system
B. Alps system
C. Rocky system
D. Penine system.